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On Thursday 13th December 2012, the Crete Veterans (Bristol & West Branch) Xmas dinner was held at The Commodore Hotel. Kewstoke, Weston Super Mare.

Thanks to the hard work, again, by Marina, Linda, hotel staff and many others, the event was a great success.

Most pleasing of all was the attendance of two of our veterans, Doug and Stafford. Stafford, or perhaps the staff at Whipton hospital,  kept us guessing about his attendance until the last minute, but allowed us to take him out for the day to the party. We wish him all the best recovering his health and a broken foot, and that he will finally get back to his home today 14th December. A big thank you to all who made the journey.

The raffle, again, was a great success, taking by my watch, over 50 minutes to get through all the prizes and making over 200 in the process. That money will go to Crete to be of benefit to our many friends there who are struggling at the moment.

We wish our veterans, their families friends and all of their 'friends' a very happy Xmas and good health in the New Year.


Veterans Doug (2nd left) and Stafford right)



Raffle in progress!

The prizes start to stack up.













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