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Following the defeat of our forces in Crete, many of our veterans experienced the horrendous march back to the north coast from Spakia. They then went on to spend much of the remainder of the war as inmates of various Stalags. 

A lot of our veterans made good friends in those stalags and inevitably a fair number of stories abound. We would like to know more. Maybe we can help find an old friend from those days. Feel free to use the space we are happy to offer you

Danile Hook is looking for information about his grandfather, see Do you know. He was Albert Ernest Hook(Farm) 109/L attached to Stalag 18A, D and possibly B. The list of men on this farm are below were on the rear of a postcard sent home by my grandfather while there. See the story in Do you know

William Frank Averis Pte   7355 New Zealand
Michael Cyster Seaman MV Eleonora Maersk 8207 South Africa; killed 16.1.44
Tommy Desforges Dvr RASC 7799 Boston, Lincs
Victor Duggan       Australia
Albert Ernest Hook Dvr RASC 7801  
W.F. (Bill) Manley Gnr RA 7800  
Walley Matthews        
W.R. (Bill) Orrell Pte RAVC 4136 Bolton
H.C.J. Robinson        
Robert A. Saunders Dvr RASC 7321  
Harold Tootell        
John Twizell Tpr RAC 8127 Gateshead
Percy E. Upston Gnr   5250 New Zealand
Jack Watson       New Zealand
Ernest Wood L/Cpl   4665 New Zealand

Also some photos.

























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