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Staff Sgt Leslie Lloyd

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Staff Segeant Leslie Lloyd

I am writing on behalf of my mother-in-law Sylvia who was born in Phaleron, Crete in August 1942, as a result of a union between her mother Stamatina Lagou and her father Staff Sergeant Leslie Lloyd. Following the tragic loss of both parents she was evacuated to the UK as an infant with step-parents.

From the photograph (attached) that Sylvia has of her father, he wears the regimental lapel badge of the RASC, it appears from his service ribbons that he is wearing a General Service Medal and Long Service and Good Conduct medal. If he was 35 in 1942 he could have been in service since he was 16, i.e. 19 years which would be consistent with the long service and Good Conduct ribbon.

It is thought that Leslie went out to Greece with his regiment in 1940 or before to help the Greeks repel the Italians and there is a presumption that Leslie joined up with the Greek resistance after the German invasion, and would only be able to visit his wife with the help of the resistance. Tragically Leslie was “given away” possibly by the Italians, to curry favour with the Germans, who arrested and shot him sometime in mid-1942 as Stamatina was known to be carrying their daughter (Sylvia) at that time. Sylvia’s birth was registered by her grandfather.

Sylvia has exhausted steps so far to trace her father through the normal routes (War Graves Commission, General Register Office, etc) and part of the problem is that there is no documentation on Leslie Lloyd, who it has been established was born in the London area circa 1905. This is an estimation of date of birth from Greek relatives who maintain that Leslie was around 35 in Greece at the time of his marriage to Stamatina before the German invasion (1941). Sylvia has no birth certificate for herself, although her marriage certificate does state that her father’s occupation was Gunner Royal Artillery, but it does look like the lapel badge is RASC and not RA (It may have been her step-fathers occupation?).

Summary – Leslie Lloyd

·        Born – 1905/07 in a London District of the UK

·        He was 35 in 1940/42 in Greece

·        Joined the RASC as a boy at around 16, circa 1921/23

·        Consistent with the 17-year LS medal

·        Killed by Germans in Crete in 1942 aged around 35

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