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Formal winding up of The U.K.Crete Veterans and Friends Society

I regret to advise that, at the Associations AGM in 2012, the decision to wind the Society up was taken. This will not mean that the interest in Crete Veterans ceases. A looser, informal group will stay in touch through exiting contact networks and through this website. It is expected that people will continue to ravel to Crete to Commemorate the Battle of Crete anniversaries as they occur though there will be no formal arrangements made on behalf of members either to travel or to attend any events in any formal capacity. If anyone is interested in volunteering to assist in the management of this loose arrangement and this website then please contact me.

On behalf of all the veterans, their families and friends I would like to thank all those who have freely given their time to keep the Society alive and well for as long as they did so. This sad day was anticipated many years ago and they did well to postpone it for so long. There are many to thank, too many to name individually but I trust I may be permitted one exception, namely Maureen Moss who has been our secretary and the force behind the Society for so long and through thick and thin. Thank you Maureen

Tim Todd

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