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Following the decision at the AGM of 2012 to close down the Association, membership is no longer an option.

That does not mean that interest in the veterans, or the Battle of Crete, ceases. A small group of us will continue to be in contact with one another swapping stories and matters of interest. 

If you wish your name to be added to a list that we will try and keep updated, please provide an email address to me. I am sorry but I do not have the time or resources to keep people updated on routine matters other than through an email mailing list. If you know of a veteran or family member who does not have email access please help them out by providing an email link on their behalf. (One of our 93 year old veterans has email, as does the similarly aged widow of another veteran)

Contact me via and please say that it was this site that you were interested in as I run several on related subjects.



















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