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Individual Stories.

A good many books have been written about individual accounts of some aspect of the Battle of Crete and it's aftermath. Some have turned into best sellers and have been made into films. Popular though they may be, it is our view that every individual account, however expressed, is an important part of history and should have a place in the record. 

This website will seek to detail what published accounts are available, and how they may be obtained if already in print, but also provide space for any veteran, or family member, to recount a personal history. The accounts can be as long, or short, as the author may wish. Photos to accompany the accounts will be most welcome. Any of you who, like me, has chatted to our veterans and their families will know that there are countless stories out there. Please let us have the chance to make them available to a wider audience. 

Please note that authors will retain fully copyright and that reproduction is not permitted elsewhere without prior consent.

First of our veteran's recollections. Doug West's story.

Doug and John West at the Welch Memorial, Galatas, May 2001



















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