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Do You Know?

Are you looking for an old comrade in arms or information about a unit or prison camp?

The U.K. Crete Veterans and Friends Society website would like to offer space for requests for information in "
do you know?".

Requests are especially welcome from members of the Society, but also anyone with an interest in any of the many individuals who took part in the events in Crete during WW2 - or events which are related to that period of history.

Members or guests may wish to now, for example, if anyone has news of a named former colleague, or just for news from any particular unit or ship etc.

Please do not underestimate the power of the internet in this area. A related site once had a request from the son of a Cretan for information about three former escaped POWs in a photograph he had. The men, who had been hidden by his father during the occupation, were thought to be South Africans but, a year or so after their photograph was put on the website, an email message was received from an Australian who recognised one of the men as a former neighbour. The parties were put in touch with one another.

If you wish to use this service you need not fear having your details plastered all over the world wide web! Please just contact the webmaster Tim to discuss - his details are on the contacts page.

Members without email access can contact me through my home phone number, which has been published in the Society newsletter, or through the Hon Sec.

Current requests

Sept 2013.

A belated posting of a request from  Ian Davis on behalf of his mother in law Sylvia who is seeking information on a Staff Sergeant Leslie Lloyd. Leslie Lloyd was believed to have been born in a district of London around 1905 to 1907. Thought to have joined the RASC aged around 16 in 1921/23 (consistent with him having the 17 year Long Service Medal). At around the age of 35, in 1940/42  he was in Greece in 1940/42. He is thought to have been killed by Germans in Crete in 1942 aged around 35. Please follow these links for photographs and a fuller account by relative Ian Davis

In February 2013
Daniel Hook ( asked me if I might see if we can help him find more about his grandfather Albert Ernest Hook a driver in the RASC 2 Reserve Motor Transport Company who went to France with the BEF in 1940 and then Egypt on Convoy WS 58 from Liverpool in Jan 1951.  In Mid April he went over to Greece before being captured on 28/29th at Kalamata. Daniel is particularly interested in finding the location of the work camp (Farm) 109/L attached to Stalag 18A, D and possibly B. A list of names of men who were there, from a postcard sent by Albert is on the Stalag page link (Work Camp Farm 109/L). If you have any information do please contact Daniel direct.

29th November 2012
H.M.S. Phoebe 43. I have been contacted by an elderly lady whose husband managed to find himself amongst the evacuees on H.M.S. Phoebe 43 taken off on 31st May  1941. It is believed he arrived in Alexandria on 1st June 1941. The husband was an Arabic speaking Greek. His wife feels sure he would not have used his real name in the circumstances but is desperate to speak to anyone who may know about that episode, either first or second hand. Please contact me in first instance and I will arrange the necessary.

The Story of Reverend Robert Alexander Simmons . New content, follow this link Rev Simmons

11th July 2012.

Anyone remember Stanley Eric Harper (known as Eric) Sapper No 1880061 Royal Engineers. He served in No 4 Commando, was then posted to No3 Special Services and then transferred to No 7 commandos. He was captured on Crete and sent to Stalag XV111A. His daughter in law Vicky is looking to find out more. Maybe a Stalag photo and a little more information to follow. Replies in first instance to me please.


T. Lagos is the only Greek soldier buried in England. At present, no more than what is inscribed on his headstone is known about him.

His headstone records that he died on 18th October 1944 and that he was a private in the Greek Army.

Many enquiries have been made to try and find out more about him and how he came to be buried at the C.W.G.C. North Hinksey, Oxford, so far without result.

Any information to Tim Todd please.




Maria, a relative of some Spanish republicans, has contacted me to see if I may be able to help her with information about the Spanish Republicans who fought in Crete during the war.

The request reminded me that it was time I re-read Anthony Beevor's ' Crete The Battle and the Resistance' for I had no recollection of these fighters from memory alone.

There are brief references in Beevor to the effect that these people fought in George Young's battalion and were left behind at Spakia with many others when they were advised to say that, when they were taken prisoner, they were from Gibraltar and not Spain. Further enquiries with Anthony Beevor reveal that these fighters had paybooks that indicated they were from Gibraltar as any recognition of their true nationality would lead to almost certain death back in Spain.

If anyone out there has any knowledge about these fighters, Maria, and I, would be most grateful to hear about anything that you might be able to add.

Many Thanks


2nd March 2009


Information is sought regarding the fighting that took place on the Akrotiri Peninsular by Nicholas Plumostakis, a local Crete historian and former Deputy Mayor.

Any information to member John West via Tim Todd please.



William Merrick who took part in the Battle of Crete whilst serving with the 2nd Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment. He was sadly killed in action later in Palestine. Contact me in the first instance for Dave's contact details if you might know of Cpl Dave Merrick would like to hear from anyone in the Leicesters who may have served with and known his grandfather CplvMerrick. (From I can see that Cpl William Herbert Merrick, No 4856072,  died on 10th July 1941 aged26. He is buried in the CWGC at Damascus Syria)



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